TL-LH8111 Master Controller

TL-LH8111 Master Controller

LED controller controls the drive circuit according to the preset program to make the LED array emit light regularly, so as to display text or graphics. The master control is equivalent to the control center issuing commands, which can change the light brightness and color temperature. It is widely used in stage, hotel, club, exhibition hall and so on.


  • Input voltage/power

    AC 100V~240V/15W

  • Product dimension

    283×134×45MM (L×W×H)

  • Certification


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Technical Specification

  • Button control and remote control

    • Program segment selection
    • Overall brightness adjustment
    • White balance adjustment
    • Playback speed adjustment





  • Precise gamma correction algorithm for rich display colors

  • Automatic, timing, and holiday preset effects playback

  • Remote online download and update of offline programs

  • SD card storage of 32G for preset of up to 99 program files

  • Parameter

    Model TL-LH8111
    Input voltage/power AC 100V~240V/15W
    Fixed hole spacing 268mm; 68 mm
    Product size (L×W×H) 283×134×45MM
    Certification CE/ROHS

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