TL-LH8131 Repeater

TL-LH8131 Repeater

The repeater is used for signal shaping and amplifying after long-distance transmission and attenuation of DMX512 signal, extending the signal transmission distance. It is mainly used between the DMX512 controller and the first DMX512 lamp, and its installation position should be no more than 2m away from the first lamp. The repeater is used for signal sh...


  • Output voltage/power

    DC 6V~36V/≤2W

  • Product dimension

    97.8×50×26.5MM (L×W×H)

  • Certification


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Technical Specification

  • Magnetic coupling isolation protection technology

    • Avoid the high voltage to burn the precision components
    • Ensure normal transmission of DMX signals
    • Improve the reliability and stability of the entire control system




  • Isolation protection function of addressing line

    • Protect the lamps and control devices in the data line
    • Improve the addressing success rate of DMX512 lamps
  • Parameter

    Model TL-LH8131
    Output voltage/power DC 6V~36V/≤2W
    Fixed hole spacing 85.5mm; 29.1mm
    Protection level IP65
    Product size (L×W×H) 97.8×50×26.5MM
    Certification CE/ROHS

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