TL-LT932 4-channel Signal Amplifier

TL-LT932 4-channel Signal Amplifier

Signal amplifier is used to shape and amplify the lighting control signal, extend the signal transmission distance, and improve the quality of signal transmission, ensuring the reliability and stability of the lighting control system.
  • 1 in and 4 out.
  • Effectively improve the fidelity of DMX signal transmission.
  • Effectively...


  • Input voltage

    AC 110-240V 50/60Hz

  • Channel

    1 in and 4 out

  • Output

    DMX512/1990 signal

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Technical Specification

  • Photoelectric isolation technology for DMX signal




  • Improve the fidelity and anti-interference ability of DMX signal





  • Prevent lightning high voltage from entering the dimming console



  • Improve the safety, stability and reliability of the dimming system

  • Parameter

    Model TL-LT932
    Input voltage AC 110-240V 50/60Hz
    Power cable 3*0.75mm# European standard plug
    Output DMX512/1990 signal
    Fixture size (L×W×H) 250×200×75mm
    Package size (L×W×H) 250×200×75mm
    Gross weight 1.5kg
    Net weight 1.35kg

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