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What are the forms of itc stage lighting?

The success of theater lighting design is marked by the proper treatment of stage lighting.

Stage lighting should not only illuminate the actors, let the audience see facial expressions, expressions and movements, but more importantly, make full use of lighting technology, lighting operation and other means to strengthen the artistic effect, so that the audience has a sense of immersive.

The installation position, function and luminaire configuration of stage lighting is mainly divided into two types according to their functions: dimming circuit; Non-dimmable direct release loop.

Theater stage lighting methods are generally divided into three categories:

  • General lighting: The top light and extended stage as part of the top light hanging light ring, as well as shelf lighting.
  • Key lighting: Spotlight, ear light, column light, side light, stage footlights, backstage lighting, flowing light and low Angle side light of extended stage, inside (outside) side light, rotating table flowing light and low voltage socket for connecting music lamp arranged in orchestra pit.
  • Decorative lighting: Refers to the day row light, the ground row light and the stage use of laser effect, trace light, flowing music fountain and all kinds of computer lights.

itc Stage Lighting Materials Analysis

  • Adopt pure copper 26AWG with a shielded core, strong conductivity, stable signal, no interference;
  • Adopt 2.5mm² national standard pure copper wire, O-type terminal, U-type terminal, insert terminal, small impedance, good conductivity, good heat dissipation, small voltage drop, no color cast, heat shrinkable tube protection, safety and reliability;
  • The aluminum substrate adopts copper foil with a thermal conductivity of 2.0 and a thickness of 2os, which has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity;
  • The double-sided boards adopt FR4/94V0 copper foil with a thickness of 2os. It uses chip electrolytic capacitors, which have strong anti-interference and is not affected by the driving wiring. The signal layer is applied with STM32 processor, which has a faster processing speed;
  • The fin copper tube radiator is 5 times that of the ordinary aluminum radiator, so as to ensure that the light source temperature is lower than 90 ℃ (junction), and the life of the light source is 100000H;
  • Advantage: SMD power inductors have no pins, which can reduce parasitic inductance and improve the performance of the product. At the same time, the magnetic shielding power of SMD power inductors is better; it is conducive to the increase of permeability;
  • The moving headlight focusing transmission track adopts a slider track, the light pattern is clear, and the quality is higher; the transmission pulley adopts an aluminum alloy gear to replace the traditional plastic wheel, which will not deform or fade.