itc constructed a charming night scene for campus

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” - Steve Jobs
We hope to use the technology to create immersive vision and elegant study space.

Guangzhou Information Technology Vocational School has a total construction area of 86439.16 square meters. We take into account the dual demands of landscape and function while combining the terrain features and climate factors to design an elegant learning and activity area for students.

Lighting is an extension of architectural elements. At the beginning of the design, we proposed to subdivide the dynamics of lighting color through application functions. The styles, colors, and materials of different buildings are also fully considered to divide the key lighting areas and basic colors.

LED garden lights and LED linear lights with higher color temperatures are used to realize night illumination in the entry plaza of the school. The warm light naturally connects and extends. Under the illumination of the light beams, the campus buildings appear particularly brilliant and lively.

Office buildings, teaching buildings and other buildings adopt wall washers, floodlights, wall lights, window lights and so on according to the building orientation, facade and color, providing a new dynamic vision for the buildings. The lamps are matched with the facade sunshade and integrated with the vertical greening elements, presenting a concise and vibrant campus.

When students are exercising on the playground, lawn lights and garden lights cover the entire space, showing a unique vitality.

The sidewalks connect the strolling area and the teaching complex, and the arrayed street lights create a quiet and beautiful atmosphere at night.

As night falls, the lights turn on, and the campus transforms into a beautiful landscape. Soft lighting brings an end to a day of hard work.

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