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3 Issues You Need to Know about Using Outdoor LED Linear Lights

LED linear lights are widely used in outdoor lighting projects. But then there are more and more problems exposed during the use process, so what problems may arise during the use of outdoor linear lights?

led linear lights are not on

In general, when this happens, first check whether the light power supply is linear and switching power supply is normal if checked intact. It indicates that the light has been damaged and needs to be removed for maintenance or replacement.

led linear light flashing lights

Outdoor building linear lights are low-voltage DC power supply, in this case, the application of the multimeter to detect whether the output voltage of the switching power supply fluctuations and then check whether there is water inside the light. It should be noted that if the DMX512 controls linear light, also needs to detect the input and output of the signal.

The brightness of the linear light is inconsistent

With the led linear light installed outdoors, the surface of the light is easy to accumulate dust particles, which has a great impact on the brightness of the light. When the brightness is not the same, we check whether there is dust on the surface of the light, and then see whether the linear light failure, if the light failure is caused, needs to replace the light. In addition, if the color tolerance of the LED light source selected by the linear light manufacturer is large, there will also be inconsistent brightness.

The above is the lighting project linear lights appear more several problems and quick investigation method, you learned it. If you have outdoor linear lighting needs can contact us at any time.