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The Stage Lighting Classification of Entertainment Places

Stage lighting is one of the means of stage art modeling. The use of stage lighting equipment is essential for stage play. With the development of the story, the light color and its changes show the environment, render the atmosphere, highlight the central character, create the sense of space and time on the stage, shape the external image of the stage performance, and provide the necessary lighting effects. So what roughly does stage lighting consist of?

Basic effect light

In order for the audience to see the stage, to see the performance clearly. The first step is to give the whole stage basic lighting. This basic illumination consists of uniform white and colored lighting. Basic white light lighting is necessary, but the illumination requirement is not high, especially on some large occasions, the climax of some performances, or some special performances (such as magic), basic white light is particularly important. The basic color light is the atmosphere light of the whole stage. Determines the tone of the whole lighting effect, or passionate, romantic warm, or the root table melancholy. In the selection of lamps, installed in front of the stage to the stage of the light, should be selected spotlight, color light by adding color filter, color should not be too deep, at the top of the stage and the back of the stage (backlight) generally with a spotlight, can also be used beam spotlights, the direction of the light from the back of the body, the brightness can be bright, the color can also be selected heavier.

It is composed of directional beam lamps and lanterns, which have the aesthetic feeling of three-dimensional space. The color is varied and colorful. The shape can be randomly combined and changed by the stage lighting engineer.

Special effect light

Because of its superior performance and ever-changing effect, the moving head beam light is the best special effects light. However, the price of a moving head beam light is relatively expensive, so it must be considered under the premise of ensuring the basic light and basic effect. At the same time, because of the use of moving head light, the number of basic effect lights can be relatively reduced. The mechanical lamps and lanterns, because of their single function, fixed and not easy to control, can be less with some.

The character light

Group performance, large area lighting by the basic white light. Local lighting, the lighting of the host is solved with the LED follow light, so it is best to match 2 to 3 sets of LED follow lights, to deal with different occasions. For teams or other stationary performers, a beam of spotlights can be used.

Stage lighting console

All the above lights need to control their brightness. SCR equipment is generally used for control. When choosing the lighting console, it is appropriate to choose console-type products with strong effects, controllable return numbers, and convenient operation. If you can afford it, you'd better use a computer console.

Background light

The setting of a song and dance hall changes from performer to performer, each time because of beauty or the needs of the show. The background light is to properly highlight these background objects so that they can be integrated into the performance and set off the theme. Commonly used background lights include skylight, ground curtain light, moving head beam light, etc.