itc Audiovisual & Lighting Solution for Zhejiang Fuxing Community Service Center

To further improve the quality and efficiency of party construction, Zhejiang Fuxing Community joined hands with itc for intelligent upgrade and transformation of multi-function halls, meeting rooms, discussion rooms and other places in the party-mass service center.

itc designed a set of audiovisual system solutions consisting of professional sound system, wireless conference system, stage lighting and conference peripheral equipment according to the meeting functional requirements, helping the service center to create an intelligent and modern convenience services environment.

01 Professional sound system

itc professional sound system uses auxiliary speakers, feedback speakers and professional speakers in combination, and the angle range of the speaker is adjusted according to the building environment to achieve clear sound, uniform sound field, and perfect tone so that all venues can experience natural and shocking high-quality sound reinforcement.

itc professional mixer processes the audio of conferences, lectures, training, and performances in the multi-functional hall. It can realize signal conversion without compromising the dynamics, frequency response range, and other details, to achieve a uniform sound field.

02 Wireless Digital Conference System

Each meeting place of the service center is equipped with wireless digital conference speech unit, which cooperates with the digital feedback suppressor to effectively suppress the howling and restore the pure human voice.

itc wireless handheld microphones can meet mobile speaking needs in conferences, ensuring that all participants can hear clear and loud sounds.

03 Stage Lighting System

itc stage lighting system can not only light up the scene but also render the stage atmosphere. It is indispensable equipment for various performances and large-scale conferences.

itc designed a stage lighting system consisting of effect lights, moving head lights, and spotlights for the multi-function hall, which enriches the spiritual and cultural life of party members and the masses in the jurisdiction, and also provides technical support for various performances and learning activities.

The digital upgrading of the party-mass service center effectively promotes the improvement of work efficiency in the community. itc will strive to accelerate the intelligent transformation of various industries to provide convenient services for users.

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