itc Lights Up Taihu South Railway Station’s Stunning Night View!

Illuminate your journey with itc stunning train station landscape

Taihu South Railway Station is an intermediate station of the Beijing-Hong Kong high-speed railway. The facade design of the station building is abstractly applied with soft curves similar to the lake surface and arched entrance like sunrise, depicting the beautiful artistic conception of the sunglow and lake.

 landscape lighting solution

▲Overall structure diagram©Taihu South Railway Station

itc designed floodlighting for the platform and station building facades. Fully considered the overall requirements, itc combined technology with humanities and natural landscapes to create a beautiful and comfortable light environment, making building the new card of the city.

▲Daily status ©Taihu South Railway Station

▲Holiday status ©Taihu South Railway Station

The security checkpoint at the square is the only way to enter the station. A combination of dynamic and static lighting is adopted. Floodlights, wall washers and underground lights are used as the daily main light sources to illuminate the landmarks and highlight the core location; in holiday, water effect lights and pattern lights work together, and the streamer effect is matched with poems to express a unique urban cultural charm.

▲Design drawing ©Taihu South Railway Station

Floodlights are concealedly installed in the green belt of the square, while pattern lights illuminates the center of the building, realizing a ornamental and harmonious night light environment and increasing layering of building facades.

▲Top view ©Taihu South Railway Station

▲Roadway sight view ©Taihu South Railway Station

▲Sidewalk sight view ©Taihu South Railway Station

Overlooking the whole building, the lighting is majestic; in the sight of the car, citizens can experience the visual enjoyment brought by the lighting landscape; in the sight of pedestrians, passengers can see the magnificent building with well-arranged structure and clear layers.

▲Lighting orientation diagram ©Taihu South Railway Station

Considering the development trend of society and environment, lighting construction needs to adopt a reasonable method to ensure the travel safety of citizens.

By referring to scientific knowledge, itc precisely deliberate on the installation position, illuminating angle and light power of fixtures, perfectly controlling light interference and pollution, and improving the lighting quality. At the same time, the lights are reasonably switched according to the local geographical location and different requirements for daily and festival lighting to achieve energy saving.

itc architectural lighting illuminates the road for travellers and shows the cultural deposits and characteristic charm of the city.


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