Cultural Tourism Landscape

Cultural tourism landscape lighting solution

Cultural tourism lighting show the prosperity of the night scene in multiple dimensions, highlight the humanistic characteristics of the city, immerse tourists in local customs and culture during the tourism, increase the intrinsic connection and viscosity between tourists and scenic spots, and make the cultural tourism scenic spot deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and have unique charm and competitiveness.

Cultural Tourism Landscape solution experience

Scenic spot entrance

  1. LED flood light highlights the name of the scenic spot
  2. Optional LED corrugated light decorates the entrance gate according to the actual situation

Sightseeing area

  1. LED garden light and LED lawn light for park road lighting
  2. LED underground light for plant Lighting

Cultural buildings

  1. LED corrugated light illuminates the roof, showing the scattered architectural form;
  2. LED flood light focuses on the decorative sculptures and other features of the roof to depict the beauty of the details of the building;
  3. LED linear light outline the building, showing the straight line of the building, emphasizing the solemn cultural atmosphere of the city;

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