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Let your multi-purpose hall stage shine with brilliant colors!

The design of the lighting system for the multi-purpose hall stage aims to provide configurations for major functions such as conferences while also meeting the needs of small to medium-sized performances. Our goal is to provide practical and easy-to-manage solutions for lighting designers and operators both domestically and internationally. Our design focuses on achieving a comprehensive, flexible, seamless, and safe lighting system, offering various configurations for stage performances.

moving head beam lights

Achieving outstanding effects

Our itc design, configuration, and layout of the multi-purpose hall stage lighting system are aimed at meeting the requirements of various artistic performances and activities, ensuring a scientific and reasonable distribution of light throughout the entire stage. The stage lighting setup is divided into the on-stage area and off-stage area, equipped with basic lighting positions that can be adjusted flexibly to accommodate various performance needs.

We use state-of-the-art products in the industry as our main lighting fixtures, suitable for entertainment and conference venues, among others. Bright and comfortable lighting helps create a pleasant atmosphere while reducing eye strain during leisure time. The main and auxiliary lighting work together to create an inspiring stage ambiance.

The itc stage lighting system can be equipped with common fixtures such as profile lights, LED PAR lights, RGB soft lights, moving head beam lights, effect smoke machines, digital dimmers, direct boxes, dimming consoles, signal amplifiers, and other equipment to meet the requirements of different performance scenarios.

LED PAR lights

Advantages of the stage lighting system

Our multi-purpose hall stage lighting system offers the following advantages to make your stage shine with brilliant colors:

  • High luminous efficiency, no infrared radiation: By using high-efficiency lighting products, we ensure high luminous efficiency without infrared radiation. This not only saves energy and protects the environment but also provides a more comfortable lighting experience.
  • Long lifespan, easy maintenance: Our system is designed for longevity, with a lifespan of up to tens of thousands of hours, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance, saving you time and costs.
  • Convenient color and intensity control: The system comes with voltage regulation and dimming circuits, allowing easy control of color and intensity. You can easily adjust various colors and brightness levels to suit the requirements of different performances.
  • Compact fixtures, easy installation and transportation: Our fixtures are designed to be compact and lightweight, facilitating installation and transportation. This makes our system ideal for traveling performances and situations that require frequent setups.
  • Strong compatibility: Our system supports voltage conversion from 220V to 110V and provides three channels of DMX512 line control for dimming and color adjustment. This compatibility allows our system to work with various power supplies and control systems, providing you with greater flexibility and operability.

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We are committed to providing you with an excellent multi-purpose hall stage lighting system to enhance the impact of your performances and events. Whether it's a conference or a theatrical production, we will create an unforgettable visual feast for you.