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What Does Landscape Lighting Bring to Tourism?

In the wave of rapid development of tourism industry, there have been many investment outlets for tourism projects, such as theme parks, tourism performances, commercial streets, characteristic towns and other projects. The night tour project created by landscape lighting is favored by everyone.

Night tour project: With "natural landscape + projected lighting art + cultural features" to enhance the night view of the tourist destination, create a new name card of the tourist destination, attract and retain people through the night view, completely ignite the local passion, stimulate tourists to eat, live, play, entertainment, travel comprehensive consumption, truly form an all-weather tourism atmosphere.

Under the background of people's quickening pace of life, the consumption habit at night has been formed and gradually occupies the dominant position. In the process of travel, the consumption habits of tourists are the same. During the day, tourists visit scenic spots in a hurry and impatience, while at night, the environment is more comfortable, making it easier for people to enter the state of leisure tourism experience.

From the psychological point of view, the human brain at night in the "thinking center" activity weakened state. According to statistics, the contribution of tourism consumption per capita at night is at least three times that of daytime consumption.

In the future development and construction of tourist attractions, the core factor of competition will be how to create a multi-dimensional tourism experience space. The biggest advantage of the night tourism project is that it is conducive to the scenic area to create landscape effect. Through various rendering techniques such as lighting, setting and holographic multimedia, it creates a multi-angle scene environment for tourists, so that tourists can have more multi-dimensional immersive experience space in the process of tourism experience.

The addition of large night tour projects can not only enrich the business types of tourism products but also take over the tourists from daytime scenic spots, guide the tourists to change from "one-day tour" to "multi-day tour", extend the tourists' travel time, so as to stimulate tourism consumption and promote regional economic development. The use of projecting lights, effect lights and other products to create water curtain projection, multimedia space water show, flame special effects, water curtain special effects, mountain performance light show and other scientific and technological projects, to create large-scale laser multimedia fantasy performance, to bring more shocking audio-visual feast for visitors.

The art of light and shadow brings unique night tour experience for tourists, helps the tourist destination to enrich the form of night tour, enhances the unique charm of the tourist destination. itc has been engaged in the digital creative industry for more than 20 years and has been committed to the exploration and research of digital multimedia display services and cutting-edge multimedia display technology, and the use of digital image technology to create large-scale cultural and travel projects, time tunnels, etc.