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How to achieve the effect of Outdoor LED Wall Wash Light?

LED wall washer light is suitable for landscape lighting solutions.

By optical properties, the intensity of the light is inversely proportional to the irradiation distance, so it needs to be calculated based on the height of the sculpture on the facade. In addition, when purchasing an LED wall washer, consumers should be aware of the wall washer's operating temperature range and control mode to ensure they can adapt to the building environment after installation. Environmental protection, energy saving, and low carbon outdoor LED wall wash light products are a good choice. Next, I will show you how to get the desired effect.

outdoor landscape lighting solution

At present, there are two control modes for LED wall wash lights: internal control and external control. Internal control means that no external controller is required. The designer designed the control system inside the wall lamp so that the degree of effect could not change. An external controller is an external controller whose effect can be changed by adjusting the main control buttons. Often on large Architecture Lighting Projects, clients demand that they be able to alter the effects themselves, and we use external controls to do this.

So, what makes a good LED wall wash light design?

Manufacturers of LED wall washes take you through the characteristics, scale, theme and lighting requirements of outdoor LED wall washes light. According to this information, the design concept of the LED wall wash light is determined, and the appropriate lighting form is selected to create the night scene of the project and realize the project's value.

LED wall washer light

  1. Collect data related to the wall washer, such as elevation maps, floor plans, local samples, color photographs of the building, or photographs of the site. It is better to use a field survey method to determine the area of the key LED wall wash light for the project based on the data and to draw a plot of the LED wall-washing light effect.
  2. Lamp and lantern selection: Select the appropriate lamp and lantern based on the characteristics of the LED wall-wash lamp to determine the power and type of light source. During this process, care should be taken to prevent the light color from being too strong, and the intensity of the light from being too large, and producing a light dye.
  3. Determine the design illumination: Design according to the illumination standards prescribed by the engineering type. External walls of different materials have corresponding illumination criteria. It must be noted that the lighting of the main and secondary elevations is divided into primary and secondary lighting to highlight the sense of layering, and the design of the wall wash lights of the auxiliary facilities should not overwhelm guests.
  4. Statistical material quantities: Calculate the number of lamps, cables, switches, transformers, etc. based on the selected illumination values, using lighting design software calculations, or through formula estimation.
  5. Determine the position of lights and beam Angle: After determining the number of lights, consider the position of lights. Lamps should be installed not only to achieve the design effect of LED wall-wash lights but also to avoid affecting the appearance of the building and to take into account the aesthetic feeling of the lighting object and the surrounding environment.
  6. Eliminate glare: In the design of LED wall-wash lights, it is necessary to perform multiple tests and adjust the beam angle to better achieve the design results.